Moulting Mix

Inevitable for shiny, silky soft feathers

• Supplies the right chain of essential amino acids

• Mainly contains small, fine grains and seeds

• Rich in the right materials to develop new feathers

The moulting season is a difficult one for the pigeon. After the continuous efforts during the racing season the pigeon’s body is in need of rest and this is precisely the period during which they have to replace all their feathers. As a result of this they require a large number of essential amino acids to guarantee a proper, new coat of feathers. Feathers mainly contain mineralised proteins such as keratin which is rich in sulphur. This is why we must feed the pigeons all the necessary nutrients to meet these requirements. It is important to know that the so-called “cheap” mixtures generally have an unbalanced composition and do not contain enough amino acids such as methionine and cysteine. The percentage of small seeds, sunflower seeds and cardy provide these vital amino acids in adequate proportions. To help you obtain a silky smooth coat of feathers we advise the following Natural complementary products:

Composition Maize popcorn 15% Safflower seed 11% Wheat white 10% Dari white 10% Peas green 7% Tares 7% Maple peas 6% Milo 6% Barley 5.5% Maize small red 5% Peas yellow 5% Sunflowerseed striped 2.5% Black rapeseed 2.5% Linseed 2.5% Millet yellow 2.5% Canaryseed 2.5%

Analytical constituants Crude protein 14.45% Crude fat 7.69% Crude ash 2.33% Crude fibre 7.78% Carbohydrates 55.26%

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