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Breakfast Cereals, Gluten Free Products, Bird feed
We are passionate about the desire to make this world better, and to benefit humanity by spreading health across the earth; this is an integral part of our work. Therefore, we aspire to distribute with love only healthy products - breakfast cereals, which we eat with pleasure. Breakfast cereals are a miracle product, excellent food for adults and children. The benefits of breakfast cereals are beyond doubt. This product has not only a high vitamin and nutritional value, but a wonderful taste. On each package there is one small story. The idea is to bring a smile on a child's face, to give people joy, reaching them through each package.

Organic Standart
SO 9001-2008
ISO 9001-2015,
ISO 2200-2015.

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We are wholesaler of Gluten free products which are made in Ukraine with HUGE LOVE and CARE for people who follow gluten-free diet for medical reasons and leading healthy lifestyle. When we started working with this product, we thought about our families, the benefits we want to bring to this world and also about chronic health problems of the current generation. The idea is to create something that will help millions of people with celiac disease (gluten intolerance) and the desire to keep a healthy, proper lifestyle. Products of our company - it is environmentally friendly, hypoallergenic food that is suitable for people of all ages and taste preferences. We work hard for your success. We build friendly, truthful and long term relationship with our partners because we are sure this is the first step to success.
All products that we offer are certified by :

- food management system ISO 22000: 2005
- meets KOSHER standards
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Our aim is to spread healthy products (grains) all over the world. We supply Millet seeds, Sorghum, Canary seeds, Sunflower seeds, Niger seeds - as the raw material for bird feed production.
Also, we produce useful, Nutrient-rich mixes from different types of grains for healthy, Full-fledged growth and development of decorative and backyard birds.
It is important for us that birds can get everything they need from food - and the Ukrainian origin grains are just a rich source.
You can check our landing page with bird feed: http://birdfeedseeds.com/
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Spelt is one of the most useful products you can find. It is a delicate food for the entire digestive tract and a powerful agent for strengthening the immune system and the nerves of a person. Spelt contains 62% carbohydrates, 8.8% fiber, 2.7% fat and 12% protein. However, there are differences in the quality of spelt elements from other cereals. The protein in the spelt grains contains the full spectrum of all essential fatty acids. Grain is rich in silicate, which positively affects the concentration and strength of the mind, as well as the health of hair and skin. Spelt contains more minerals and vitamins than any, even the best variety of wheat. The grain is protected by a shell, which is firmly attached to it. Removal of this shell is expensive for farmers and requires special equipment. That's why spelt is more expensive than ordinary wheat and why it was almost forgotten. However, unique nutritional properties and great culinary possibilities have contributed to the return of spelt, and today many people prefer it to ordinary wheat. Spelt flour is a whole variety of flour, finely ground in a stone mill with a diameter of 3 feet. Thus, all the useful properties are preserved, and the nut taste remains, so highly valued in this herb. Our company offers high quality Ukrainian organic/non-organic products.
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