History of Our Company
When we talk about the history of our company, two words appear in our heads - sequence and coherence. It all started in 2015 with the fact that the President of our company contracted the right people into the team, he provided the right people with the right places - these were important steps at the stage of capacity building.
Then together we began to think about which direction to go. We constantly asked questions, arranged discussions, made decisions, analyzed the results and learned to gain a clear understanding of how to develop our concept.
Together we searched for what we could do best, and on what our business model should be based, so we came to the conclusion that by distribution of healthy cereal products to the world, we can come in contact with all people and transfer them a piece of our soul.
Our concept is characterized by incredible simplicity and a deep understanding of what exactly we really care about. So we made the transition from doing everything to concentrating in 3 specific directions, to which we have genuine interest and passion - breakfast cereals, gluten-free products and bird feed.
the most important and unchanging principles
Our Value System
Respect for individuality
Social responsibility
We try to keep our core ideology
Management through joint discussion
We follow the principle of integrity - the preservation of key principles, together with the stimulation of progress
Openness to the innovative ideas of our employees
Constant attention to the needs of consumers
Our business model is based on creating stable and long-term
relationships with our business partners and customers.
Our Business Model
4S BUSINESS MODEL: Service, Selection, Savings, Satisfaction. We are consistently implementing this model into reality. Our principles in the form of a simple and clear concept:
We try to concentrate only on the few things that we can do best, and not be distracted by those areas that can be profitable, but do not fit into our concept.
We keep faith in the process of our common work, but also look into the eyes of the harshest truth of life. Our trading system includes only the best manufacturers with a strict standard of quality products.
We strive for range of healthier products.
We supply only premium quality products in large quantities to retailers, distributors, supermarkets and B2B markets all over the world.
We provide a complete service from the initial quotation, negotiating, delivery through to loading, shipping of orders, providing shipping documents and coordinating with all parties to ensure a smooth delivery to our customers.