Feed for Parakeet and Lovebird

A balanced, superior source of nutrition, delectable mix of specially selected seeds with a fair amount of canary grass. Your feathered friend will love the taste of this nourishing ingredients. Essential to a bird’s daily diet, the nutrients in this food mix will ensure your little pet bird remains flapping happy and healthy. It is ideal for cockatiels, peach faced lovebirds and larger parakeet species


Complete mixture of top seeds with a large share of canary grass

Promotes good conditioning and breeding of birds

Addition of flax supports proper functioning of digestive tract


Yellow millet, white millet, canary seed, peeled oats, safflower seed (7,5%), red millet, hemp seed, buckwheat, linseed, niger seed


Bags – 20/25kg paper or pp bags

Suitable for – cockatiels, peach faced lovebirds and larger parakeet species

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