Finchs And Exotic Birds

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Beautiful and entertaining, your finch thrives best on a grass seed diet. Your feathered pet will love the taste of this Mix which contains high quality, wholesome seeds. This simple yet healthy diet is fortified to ensure a well balanced blend with specially selected ingredients that provide the nutrients your pet needs to grow strong, healthy and sing aloud with joy.


Complete food made with a mixture of high quality seeds

Provides a balanced diet while regulating the digestion process

Encourages willingness to sing


Yellow millet, canary grass seed, red millet, niger seed, flax seed, hemp seed

Canary seed 66%, canola/rapeseed 21%, niger seed 5%, brown flax 8%

Canary Seed 67.5%, rapeseed 22.5%, dehulled oats 10%

Canary Seed 45%, rapeseed 20%, yellow millet 15%, red millet – 5%, brown flax 4%, hemp seeds 2% hulled sunflower 2% hulled oats 7%


Bags – 20/25kg paper or pp bags

Suitable for –   Finch

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